Some things about me?


23, engaged, office worker by day / youth worker by night. (With a bit of facepainting and film-making thrown in for good measure).

I like taking photos, wearing my dressing gown, eating mushrooms on toast and plucking my eyebrows. I take my shoes off and leave them in doorways. I’ve worn my S.O.P.H.I.E wristband for 2 years. My relationship is like an epic romance novel with all the dramatic twists and turns but ultimately a fairytale ending. I like sharing clothes with my best friend and having naps.

I dislike beer, having size 6.5 feet, AC/DC and blue biros. I don’t like dealing with numbers of any kind unless I have my pink calculator with unicorns on to help. I won’t wear makeup unless it cost more than I can afford and I often remember things wrongly (but convince myself they are correct and will bet money on my wrong assertions with anyone who wishes to bet.)

My mother cries at the thought that I have tattoos, so doesn’t know what I have and where, and my Dad thinks they’re beautiful.

I believe that people are inherently good, that swans are evil, and everyone deserves a happy ending.

I live above a metal pub that my fiancé manages, and when I get drunk I dance with the broom.

That probably covers all the basics.


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