I’ve always thought that people who write blogs were a certain ‘type’ of people. Internet trolls, gobshites, self important people that think they have something to say and the world should listen. I’ve never really liked those sorts of people. Although now I’ve reached the grand old age of 23 I’m starting to realise that sometimes, I am definitely one of those types of people. So I may as well embrace this, and write this blog.

My vision is this. To share some things that I like about the world, and hope that others like it too. And that maybe if we all work together in actively changing our thought processes, actions and behaviour then perhaps this world will become a little brighter for everyone in it.

So there’s no underlying philosophical message, no theatrical drama and no pretentious preaching intended. This is purely to start collating all of the amazing things I see happening around me, and hoping that you see them too.


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